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[KNCOL] Kancolle x WoWS Statistics Compare

Members count 50
Active members count 24
Personal Rating (PR) 1 013
Average Win rate 49.5%
Average Damage 39 285
Clan strength - Total 37
Clan strength - Clan battles 41
Clan strength
Cruisers 49
Aircraft carriers 24
Destroyers 32
Battleships 41
Total 37
Clan battles 41
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Win rate -
Average Damage -
Personal Rating (PR) -
Strength: Total -
Strength: Clan battles -


Community [FISH] Floating In Salt Heaven
[FAO] First Asian Order
[REPOI] POISoda® Donkey Waxing Service
[MALD] WEEGEE™ Hair Removal Service - Mad and Bad
[KAXSA] 格差 ~社会問題を考える~
[XSA] X Sea Allian
[FAE] Fun and Engaging
Allies [NKC48] Nusantara KanColle Community 1948
Enemies [CN_70] China's 70
[TKR] Tsukiryu
[PI_AN] Azur Lane 碧蓝航线 (喵内澳力给)