Wargaming did it again. With recent update some historical data for removed warships has been deleted. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do at the moment. The data for periods will repair itself. 😢😢😢

Known API bugs and missing features

Current API version: 1.22.0

Description Date Status
Endpoint wows/seasons/info not working. No information about new ranked seasons and sprints 2021-09-05 Fixed
No submarines information in API. No submarines details, no games played with submarines 2021-09-05 Fixed
Endpoint wows/seasons/shipstats does not return player stats for new ranked seasons 2021-09-05 Fixed
No player stats for clan battles 2021-09-05 Fixed
No data for new black warships from black friday 2022-11-26 Fixed
No sonar data in wows/encyclopedia/modules 2023-05-04 Fixed