Problem with old IJN DDs is back. WG decided to remove all battles played with old DDs (Mutsuki, Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Kagero) from API. That decision broke data integrity - total battles count for account is no longer equal to sum of battles count per ships. To maintain the accuracy of our statistics (win rate, PR etc) we decided to display all of our data without those missing ships.

The problem has been reported to WG Support, we are waiting for a response. You can check status of this and other API bugs here

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2016-12-15 Changes in ships ranking. Minimum battles condition is now correlated with ships tier.
2016-11-27 New languages:
2016-11-11 Follow your friends, enemies or best players on server and check their game progress in events feed. Just login with your WG account, find a player and follow him! Visit your events for more information

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Player Процент побед ранг Средний урон
1 caprin 85.71% 10 66 631
2 DiceXXX 84.62% 10 71 984
3 Conquer_destroyer 82.61% 10 72 644
4 stratmania 81.82% 10 81 743
5 NATEZIZERU 81.82% 9 33 385

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